The future of fuel management is here

With Fuel.iT, managing the impact of fuel cost through tracking your usage has never been easier or more cost effective.

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What is Fuel.iT?

We offer both a fuel management system, as well as the provision and support of an end-to-end solution for your fuel management and for managing your fuel related assets, ordering and fuel card management. We work collaboratively alongside our customers to ensure that our solution and services provide them with the ability to achieve their objectives regarding fuel management.

Why Fuel.iT?

We are unique in our approach, our offering and the benefits and features of our solution. We partner with our customers to resolve their fuel management challenges and to help them realise the results they are aiming to achieve. We are the only company in New Zealand which is specifically focused on supporting companies who use large volumes of fuel for their business, and who have large fleets – we can support up to 99,999 plant/vehicles.


The Fuel.iT system is world-leading, patented technology which removes the guesswork of where and how much fuel is being used for your business.

Case Studies


Manually based systems were failing to capture the volume of fuel being dispensed from the customer’s home base tank as volumes per month were increasing. Read more


The customer operates a complex and demanding business requiring high value and high volume of fuel to be managed from initial tank purchase to the plant item, via mobile delivery tanks. Read more

The Fuel.iT fuel management system is a cloud-based software system, supported by intelligent hardware, which enables your business to manage and track your fuel, regardless of source; it integrates all fuel transaction data from multiple sources across your business into one system.

With the Fuel.iT system you can:

Optimise & streamline fuel use within your business

Enable you to manage the impact on your business of the cost of fuel as it rises

Monitor & reduce wastage of fuel

Maximise equipment performance through overview of fuel consumption

Manage & monitor your fuel usage and fuel inventory

Manage & monitor your suppliers & contractors' fuel costs

Ensure fuel inventory management is accurate

“New Zealand companies are already experiencing significant savings utilising the Fuel.iT system. By utilising Fuel.iT SmartMeters in its bulk owned fuel assets to capture data, as well as incorporating data from other sources including fuel cards, the benefit to one company from managing its fuel use, was approximately 800,000 litres per year”

Fuel.iT will help you manage your fuel

Fuel.iT can help you manage the impact on your business of the cost of fuel as it rises through tracking your fuel and providing you with data to support the efficient use of your fuel resources. Contact us for more information on New Zealand’s latest fuel management system.