Frequently asked questions

Yes, in most cases. Fuel.iT can integrate with most of the other fuel management systems in use, with the added benefit of gathering data across all the fuel sources that most other systems are unable to do. With the reports being housed in the cloud, you can also access them anywhere, any time.

Installation for is usually a quick and straightforward process. We will review your current practices to make a recommendation on how the system can work best for your business, and we will partner with you to ensure the solution meets your needs. We can have you up and running within four to eight weeks from our first meeting.

The Fuel.iT system includes cloud-based software and our SmartMeters (hardware) has innovative technology that needs specialist installation. We aim to give you a ‘turn-key’ solution ready to go from day one.

Yes, to both business owners and staff if required.

Fuel.iT Ltd owns the hardware (the SmartMeters) and the software is provided on a subscription basis. As we own the hardware (the SmartMeters), any problems are quickly rectified by us.

If a SmartMeter fails, we’ll replace it immediately*
*Replacement of hardware is provided by Fuel.iT Ltd only in cases of a system failure, not a breakage, theft or accident.

Yes, you will need to arrange insurance to cover loss or accidental damage to the SmartMeters.

From experience, we estimate a return on investment within 6 - 12 months, with on-going significant savings.

The SmartMeters (the hardware) have a simple keypad and are easy to understand and to use. We provide training for the software to ensure you are getting the reporting you want. We provide you with support to ensure you are comfortable using the system and hardware.

Yes. You can set different levels of access and security to the software and the reports for multiple users. All our dashboards are fully customisable to your individual reporting needs.

The subscription cost for the software varies, depending on the number of sites to be monitored and the frequency of reporting required. After an initial meeting to understand your unique fuel usage context, we will provide a detailed quote for installation and on-going costs.